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Celebrate Mom’s Special Day with Personalised Jewellery

Celebrate Mom’s Special Day with Personalised Jewellery

Nayab Mother's Day Gift Idea

Can you still not decide what to gift for Mother’s Day? Just so you know, Mother’s Day is around the corner–on 14 May—and it will soon be here before you realise it. So, it is best to start shopping as early as possible. 

Whether an engraved piece of jewellery or a ring for Mom, choosing the perfect gift can be a hassle. Here is our well-curated list of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas to simplify and hassle-free this chore. From bracelets and rings to necklaces and pendants and necklaces, there are many options to choose from. 

So, let’s get started. But before any of that, let’s explore why Personalised jewellery gifts are the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. 

Why Get Personalised Jewellery Gifts For Mother’s Day?

Mothers in India have always shared a fond interest in jewellery. Everyone can relate to how beautiful their mother looks wearing jewellery, especially the minimalistic ones. Your mother will glow and look spectacular in jewellery. 

No matter their attire of the day, jewellery will make them look good. But wouldn’t that be a common gift? Just some jewellery? Well, that problem is gone with Personalised Jewellery. Imagine giving our Mom jewellery, whether a necklace, pendant, ring, or bracelet, with her initials on it. Isn’t that a great gift? 

This will show her how much effort you put into choosing the gift. Can you imagine the smile on her face when you give it to her while wishing her a happy Mother’s Day? Surreal, right? That’s the magic of Personalised jewellery gifts

Now that you know why Personalised Jewellery gifts are a good choice, let’s learn a few choices we have. Get the perfect jewellery for Mom and surprise her! To save you time and effort, we have enlisted the top Personalised jewellery products available at Nayab Art for this Mother’s Day.

Best Personalised Jewellery Gifts For Mother’s Day | Nayab Art

arabic name necklace

Personalised Arabic Name Necklace

The Personalised Arabic Name Necklace from our house of Nayab Art is an excellent gift choice for this Mother’s Day. Nayab Art allows you to choose the material for the necklace at the time of order placement. You get to choose between pure silver and brass. 

When it comes to polishing, you can customise it according to your colour needs. The options you get for polishing are rose gold, silver, and gold. What makes it an amazing choice is that it comes with three layers of highly durable e-micron polish. 

You can customise your Mom’s name in Arabic by typing the name in English. Once done, you’ll get a beautifully crafted, aesthetically pleasing necklace as a Personalised jewellery gift for your Mom. It is undoubtedly one of the finest additions to our collection of Personalised jewellery for Mother’s Day.

Signature Style Pendant

Personalised Signature Style Pendant

It’s about the efforts when it comes to the best Mother’s Day gift ideas. Surprise your mother with something unique and beautiful this Mother’s Day. Gift them our Personalised signature-style pendant by engraving your mother’s initials on it. 

Well-designed with either pure silver or alloy (your choice), this pendant will not only make her feel emotional and special but loved! It comes with three layers of polish, which is ever-lasting. Also, choose rose gold, gold, and silver polish, and buy this amazing customised gift for Mom to tell her she is the best!

Personalised embossed pendant

Personalised Embossed Ring Pendant

“Best Mom Ever” or anything else engraved on this Personalised Embossed Ring Pendant will make your Mom feel more inspired, loved, and empowered. 

You can inscribe whatever personal message of your choice on the ring to make it one of the most meaningful and cherishable customised gifts for Mom. This amazing ring pendant is well-crafted with superior-quality materials. 

Speaking of materials, you can choose between Pure Silver and Alloy while ordering this pendant. Like most Nayab Art Personalised jewellery, this one has three layers of highly durable Polish. The e-micron polish can be either rose gold, silver, or gold in color.


Personalised Engraved Cuff Bracelet

It is one of the best-selling engraved jewellery at Nayab Art with a single piece of engraved bracelet. With customisation, you can engrave whatever message, quote, date, or name you want on the bracelet. To make your Mom feel special, engrave the bracelet with some special emotional message. 

For instance, you can try something unique like “Maa >>>>> Every Other Happiness In The World.” Doesn’t that sound like a cute Mother’s Day gift idea? Coming to the features, this bracelet is either available in Pure Silver or Alloy. 

With three layers of polish, you will never have to worry about the bracelet getting fade. Also, every layer of e-micron polish makes it a long-lasting gift she can cherish forever.

Personalised Name Engraved Rings

Personalised Name Engraved Rings

Rings have always been a great gesture to show love, care, and respect. However, your Mom may already have some rings on her fingers. So, how to stand out? The best solution is to get her Personalised Name Engraved Rings that come in different polishes and offer an aesthetic appeal. 

Your Mom will surely love the rings when she finds an inscribed message on them. Whether “I Love You Mom” or “To My Pillar of Strength,” the message can be anything that triggers her emotions. This is an eye-catching ring made of pure Sterling Silver. 

With three layers of e-micron polish, the ring will not fade or wear anytime soon. Also, the adjustable size of the ring saves you the hassle of checking your Mom’s ring size.

Circle Multiple Name And Birthstone Necklace

Circle Multiple Name And Birthstone Necklace

A circle is one of the most valuable symbols of family. What else can better represent a family than a circle? That’s because it represents everyone is connected with and enclosed to one another. This is exactly what the Circle Multiple Name & Birthstone Necklace from Nayab Art represents. 

This visually striking necklace is an excellent Personalised jewellery gift choice for her. She will love to keep her family close to her heart in the form of a necklace. It will comprise four engraved names of the people she loves the most in this world. 

What makes this necklace a visual show are the authentic crystal birthstones. Engineered with top-notch quality materials, this necklace will surely bring a big smile to your Mom’s face.

Personalised Two Name Ring

Personalised Two Name Ring

Want to buy Personalised jewellery for Mom that she will cherish forever? Get her Nayab Art’s best seller – Personalised Two-Name Ring! Engraved with your and Mom’s names, this ring will help you show your love and affection for her. Surprise her with something amazing, something Ringy! 

Made of Brass or Pure Silver, this Personalised ring can fit any finger size and offer comfort. The top-quality material of this ring is allergen-free, making it safe for moms with allergies. Also, the three-layer e-micron polishing makes it a super-durable gift she will remember for eternity.

Custom Name Necklace With Birth Flower

Custom Name Necklace With Birth Flower

Wish your super Mom a Happy Mother’s Day with a set of this Custom Name Necklace With Birth Flower and make her day special. Inscribe whatever name or word you want on this pendant, along with the birth flower. 

This visually appealing and super charming necklace will surely make your mother happy and emotional. The unique gift will be something she will adore for her entire life. But why this necklace? That’s because it is made of superior-quality material – Sterling Silver and comes with three polish options. 

You can either polish it in gold, rose gold or silver. This necklace’s excellent craftsmanship will complement any attire and make your mother look more pretty in the crowd.

Personalised Name Hoop Earring Rings

Personalised Name Hoop Earring Rings

Earrings have always been my favourite Personalised jewellery of Moms. They love to wear earring rings, especially on occasions like weddings, rituals, etc. 

So, giving the Personalised Name Hoop Earring Rings from Nayab Art won’t be a bad Mother’s Day gift idea. The simple and minimalistic design makes it a centre of attraction. No matter if it’s a party or a family function, your Mom can wear it anywhere. Engrave a name or word that complements her personality.

For instance, if she is more of a bold person, engrave the word “Be Bold.” Made with high-quality Sterling Silver, this earring ring is a cute Mother’s Day gift idea you can aboard on!

Cursive Name Bangle

Cursive Name Bangle

Does your Mom love to wear bangles? If so, the Cursive Name Bangle from Nayab Art would be something unique and enticing she’ll ever come across. With her initials or some message designed in cursive, you can customise the bangle into something spectacular. 

With Sterling Silver material and three-layer polish, this bangle will last a decade or more. The unique design, aesthetic colour and appeal, and adjustable fit make it a perfect mom bracelet or one of the special Mother’s Day gifts.

Conclusion – Buy Personalised Jewellery For Mom On This Mother’s Day!

Here we conclude our recommendations for the top picks. So, hopefully, you’ll find it easy to choose the best-customised gifts for Mom from this list of mind-blowing Mother’s Day gift ideas. With Nayab Art, you can make your Mom happy, loved, cared for, and pampered on her special day! 

Happy Shopping and Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother in advance!


– What does every Mom want for Mother’s Day?

Let’s be honest! Every Mom will say that her kids’ love and success is the best gift for her. But materialistically speaking, women love jewellery, and so will your mother. If you want to surprise her with something unique, get her a Personalised jewellery gift

– Why jewellery is the best gift?

Customised gifts for Mom are the best thing you can get for her this Mother’s Day. Personalised jewellery gifts can be designed to fit any style. You can customise jewellery for your Mom based on her personality, preferred colours, or style. At Nayab Art, you can customise and engrave your Mother’s Day gift with a specific phrase, word, or date to give it the personal touch it needs. 

– How can I make my Mom’s day special?

You can make your Mom’s day special on Mother’s Day by giving her a beautiful piece of Personalised jewellery and a surprise party. Besides the jewellery, you can give her flowers and a day off. Shower her with all the love and care of the world. 

– How to make a special gift for Mother’s Day?

You can make a special gift for Mother’s Day by customising a piece of jewellery that she will love. Whether a necklace, a pendant, a ring, or a bracelet, you can customise any of these, wrap it up gently and nicely or order with gift packaging and give it to your mother. Our range of Personalised Mother’s Day gifts will definitely help you make a special, unique gift for your Mom. 

– What is the value of Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is a special diva occasion dedicated to all the mothers in the world. This day is celebrated to express our love, affection, honour, respect, and care towards mothers. The purpose of the holiday is to recognise mothers’ contributions, the strength of mother-child relationships, and the significance of moms in our way of life.

– How do I choose jewellery for a gift?

To choose jewellery for a gift for Mother’s Day, consider the following:

  • The personal style, birthstone, allergies, and finger size (for rings) of your mother. 
  • Know what they like to wear the most: a bracelet, necklace, pendant, or ring.
  • See what jewellery would complement your mother’s dressing style.

– Is a necklace a good gift for Mom?

Yes, a well-designed necklace is an ideal way to express gratitude to your mother. What would make this necklace more precious is some customisations on it. This is especially true when you know that she loves it but is unlikely to ever spend money on it herself.

– How can I spend Mother’s Day without my Mom?

You can send customised gifts for Mom via courier if you’re both in far distant lands. Connect with her over video chat, wish her a happy Mother’s Day, and ask her how she feels about the gifts.


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