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Personalised Engraved Bracelet
Personalised Engraved Beads Bracelet
Personalised Engraved Cuff Bracelet
Ayatul Kursi Cuff Bracelet
Personalised Arabic Name Bangle
Personalised Two Name Ring
Personalised Name Engraved Rings
Personalised Embossed Ring Pendant
Personalised Arabic Name Necklace
Personalised My Name Pendant
Arabic Custom Name Crescent Moon Name Necklace
Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear(2286) - Surah Necklace
Custom Circle Pendant With Charms
Personalised Arabic two name necklace
Personalised Signature Style Pendant
Personalised Silver Engraved Rectangle

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Islamic Wall Clock With Italic Numbers
Allah Wooden Wall Clock
Wooden Clock With 99 Names Of Allah
Ayatul Kursi Islamic Wall Art
Photo Engraved Wooden Board
You Complete Me’ Custom Engravable Heart
Custom Message Engraved Board
Personalised Name Wooden Blocks

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Why Nayab?

Distinctive And Diverse

Nayab is all about bringing exclusive jewellery designs to embellish you with the quintessential art. You are special and we work to bring products that portray you at your best. Our assortment is limited yet diverse, so there’s something for everyone.

Reliability and Assurance

We envision to build a lasting relationship with every customer. You become a member of the Nayab family as soon as you associate with us. With our products and services, we aim to extend reliability and assurance.

Premium Quality

Every piece of jewellery is truly Nayab in terms of design and quality. Our craftsmen use the best quality silver and gemstones to create every piece. You can be rest assured that our jewellery pieces will last with you for the lifetime.


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