Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Dainty Pendant



Product Description

  • Evil Eye protects you, brings good luck, possesses good vibes, wards off danger and strengthens good health.
  • Make a fashion statement by wearing our Hamsa Hand and Evil Eye Dainty Pendant and protect yourself against the evil eye.
  • The Evil Eye charm is considered a symbol of protection and is a jewellery trend without borders.
  • Wearing this protective eye symbol has the dual capabilities of providing you with both protection and power.
  • Sterling Silver Options with 3 Polish Options are Available.
  • Our Evil Eye Jewellery are beautifully Made On Order exclusively for you, which makes each piece extra special.
  • 3 Layers of high durable polish on jewellery.
  • Comes with Nayab Box, Jewelry cleaning cloth, Nayab jewellery pouch.

About Evil Eye Jewellery

  • With a history dating back to ancient civilisations, the Evil Eye charm has traditionally been adopted by many cultures as a symbol of protection against harm where envy or malevolence is inflicted on one person by another – A positive force, the charm helps the bearer to deflect bad feeling or evil away.
  • The evil eye, often known as a ‘nazar’ is an amulet believed to protect humans against the ‘evil eye.’ History has it that if someone is given an ‘evil eye’ glance by an enemy or foe, it could be enough to be deadly or bring them great harm and unhappiness.
  • Offering evil eye charms and other talismans have long been a way of ensuring a close friend or family member receives luck and protection while away from home, nowadays that same touching gesture comes in the form of beautifully handcrafted jewellery.
  • The overall benefits of the evil eye jewellery are the belief that it protects the person wearing it from evil spirits and bad luck.

Customers Need to Know

  • Personalized Jewelry can only be ordered on Prepaid Payment Method
  • E-micron polish is done on jewellery, the best on market

Shipping & Returns

  • The Pendant takes 4-6 days to manufacture.
  • Delivery takes 2-3 days after manufacturing.
  • The whole process can take 6-9 days from the day order is processed.
  • As we believe in Customer’s Satisfaction is our priority, NAYAB provides Door to Door replacements and returns. For details please visit “Customer Help”

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